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Best Fidget Spinner: Are Metal Spinners Better?

Best Metal Fidget SpinnerAre you looking for a good fidget spinner to buy? There are many material options right now, for the most part it’s between metal or plastic spinners. The most common one being the ABS spinner that you see everywhere. The premium alternative being metal spinners, they cost 2x-3x as much as the plastic versions, the main reason is the material cost but also the effort and precision required to produce metal spinners are very different.

Bearing choices are between 608 or 188, and hybrid ceramic or steel. I can tell you definitively that 188 bearing is the CLEAR WINNER.  188 is a smaller bearing but boasts a 50% increase in spin time.

When it comes to steel versus hybrid-ceramic, the winner is less clear, they both have similar spin times, and price has fluctuated back where both are equal in costs.

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